Rs. 28,750.00
Description Particulars
Solar PCU Capacity 2KVA 48V
Input Voltage Range (min-max) 80-230 VDC
Maximum PV Power Recommended 2KW
Types of Charger PWM with MPPT
Charge Controller Peak Efficiency 95%
Battery Low Buzzer 10.2V
Battery Low Cut 10.0V
Battery High Cut 15.5V
Battery Charging Voltage by SPV 14.5V
Battery Charging Current by SPV 18A
Battery Charging Voltage by GRID 14.2V
Battery Charging Current by GRID 10A
Grid Low Cut Voltage ( IT Load Disable/Enable) 120/175V
Grid High Cut Voltage ( IT Load Disable/Enable) 280/255V
Inverter Nominal Output Voltage 230VAC
Output Supply Phase 1 phase, 3 wire
Output Waveform Sine wave
Nominal Frequency 50.0 HZ
Load Current 6.1 A
Inverter Peak Efficiency >88%
Protections Overload, Battery low, Battery high, Output low, Output high, Output Short Circuit, Overheat, Under Frequency, Over Frequency, Solar panel reverse
Display Parameters Battery Voltage, Charging Current, Discharging Current* Solar Voltage, Solar Current, Instantaneous Power, Grid Voltage, I/P Frequency Output Voltage, Output Load% O/P Frequency Grid, Inverter & SPV Charger Status
Switches Reset for System ON/OFF, up, Down, Back, Enter (for LCD Configuration)
Indications System ON, Inv. ON, SPV Charging, Grid Charging, Battery Low/High, Overload, Overheat, Mains Low, Mains High, Under frequency, Over frequency, (IT Mode, Grid Charging, NLSD, Boost Charging, DG Mode)Enable/Disable*
Max Relative Humidity @25*C (non condensing) 95%
Weight 27KG
Dimension (L X W X H) 381 X 279 X 355 mm
Qty available: 10