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Herbal Bath Powder

HERBAL BATH POWDER is a complete natural product. It is 100% herbal and its Ayurvedic ingredients has.

Brand: Yuki Herbals

Product Name: Herbal Bath Powder 

Product ID: 3272112

Colour: Cover-Light green/ Powder - Half White

Composition: Vinga Radiata, Zedoaria aromatica, Curcuma zedoaria , Cybras rotundus, Eleusin Coracana..

Usage: Acne, Pimples, Fragrance, Reduce Dark Circles,Improve Skin Complexion, Anti puritus, Fabrifuge, Anti Microbial, Improve wisdom ans Virility.


Packing: pouch (12micron pet + 12 micron met + 80micron PE)

Weight: 100gm

Size / Dimension (L x W x B) cm: 17 x 11 x 3.5

Certificate: Not Applicable

Packing: Standard Packing

Delivery: 14 Days (Max)

Return Policy: Returns Not Accepted (Unless products has any Damage)

Minimum Order Quality (MOQ):1(Pack of 1)

Available for Export Order: Yes

Qty available: 30