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Wooden T type Yoga Stick for Meditations

Detachable meditation stick. Meditation stick, also known as Yoga danda is a special T - shaped wooden stick that is mainly used by yogis from ancient times for meditation purposes. This ancient meditation tool when supported under the armpits, regulate the breathing, hence often used prior to Pranayama or meditation. It offers a convenient way to alter breath flow between nostrils and help gaining the maximum out of Pranayama techniques, especially those requiring alternate nostril breathing, such as Nadi Shodhana Pranayama. This danda is used to create a balance between Ida nadi (mental energy) and Pingala nadi (physical energy) and ease the flow of Sushumna nadi (spiritual energy). The meditation stick is a very practical massage tool too, especially on those hardto reach spots in the back and the pressure points where the shoulder joins the neck. Using the curved section of the stick one can run it over all the limbs to provide instantaneous relief. This is an overlooked but necessary aspect of practice as long hours of meditation do cause some physical stiffness. Search Terms - yoga stick, yoga danda , yoga mat for men , arm support for pain , arm support , yoga paduka slippers , Japa Meditation tool , Meditation Stick,Yoga Danda Stick ,yoga mats , yoga props


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