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The solar panel is one of the most important parts of a solar street light, as the solar panel can convert solar energy into electricity that the lamps can use. Solar street lighting is an important asset in any urban area, contributing towards safer roads and greater security in residential, business, or municipal areas.

Wattage : 40W 
Color : WHITE 
Warranty : 2 Years
IP Rating : IP65
Voltage : 100-250 Volts
Lumens : 100 Lumens per watt
Body : Polycarbonate (PVC) housing


*Solar Panel (PV Panel)
*Dusk ON/OFF Circuit
*Charging On/Off Circuit
*Controller Circuit
* 20Ah / 30 Ah Lithium Ion battery.
*IP 65 Weather Proof
*Polycrystalline PV panel (6-7 hours to charge)


  • Smartly transforms the beauty of your space.
  • Saves your money over the expensive electricity bills.
  • Anti glare brighter illumination, Good for the eyes.
  • Sensible Outdoor Lighting | No wiring Easy | Installation | Zero Power Consumption | Best used on Roadways & Pathways
  • Power Button for On / Off.


  • 100 – 250 Volts with 100 Lumens Lighting Output.
  • 2 years warranty from date of invoice.
  • Low heat generating, No UV or IR light radiation.
  • Low power consumption, less heat produced and energy saving.


Well suitable for Airport Lighting | Highway and roadway lighting | Park and Playground lighting | Industrial lighting and commercial lighting | Outdoor security lighting

Note: Please make sure to turn on the switch before use. The wall light is light sensitive and won’t light up in a bright place.

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