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EcoSoft Cat Litter Deodorizer

Eco Soft Cat Litter Deodorizer is a unique formula which contains odor binding agents that neutralizes, absorbs, adsorbs unpleasant litter tray odors and helps in maintaining the freshness all around. By locking the unpleasant litter odor, gives a clean crisp freshness to home.

Brand: Greeneem Agri Pvt ltd

Product Name: EcoSoft Cat Litter Deodorizer

Product ID: 4929973

Material: Powder

Color: Pinkish White

Weight: 750g

Size / Dimension (L x B x H): 8.5 x 8.5 x 17

Certificate: Not Applicable

Packing: Standard Packing

Delivery: 14 Days (Max)

Return Policy: Returns Not Accepted (Unless products has any Damage)

Minimum Order Quality (MOQ): 1(Pack of 1)

Available for Export Order: Yes

Qty available: 10