Rs. 180.00

Shikakai, Arappu Soap

Eliminate Dandruff problem and protect your hair from dryness, Remove the hassle of the lice and cleanses the dirt in the head.

Brand: SK Homemades

Product Name: Shikakai, Arappu Soap

Product ID: 3134190

Usage/ Application – Bathing

Ingredient - Pure Coconut oil, lye, Shikakai, Arappu

Weight: 85g

Size / Dimension: Not Applicable

Certificate: Not Applicable

Packing: Standard Packing

Delivery: 14 Days (Max)

Return Policy: Returns Not Accepted (Unless products has any Damage)

Minimum Order Quality (MOQ):1(Pack of 3)

Available for Export Order: Yes

Qty available: 30