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125 watt mono panels are made of A grade mono perk cells that gives higher efficiency even in low light and cloudy weather. Loom solar is only company in India that makes mono panels using perk cells in 12 volt design. The additional feature includes 4 busbars, 36 cells and 25 years performance warranty. IP 67 rated junction box is given with MC4 compatible cable connector for higher module efficiency. 



Loom solar

Output Power

125 Watts ( Each Panel )

Space Requirement

8 sq. feet

Operating Voltage

12 Volt

Panel Technology

Mono Crystalline 

Manufacturer warranty

10 year on Manufacturing defects

Performance Warranty

25 Years

Additional Features

A+ Grade, anti PID Mono cells

Cell Conversion efficiency > 19%

Compliance to IEC standards


Technical Details

Wattage (Wp)

125 watts ( Each Panel )

Voltage at max power

20.4 volts

Current at max power

6.13 amps

Open circuit voltage

23.8 volts

Short circuit current

6.45 amps

Number of Cells



Shipping Details


8 Kg ( Each Panel )


Height - 3.5 feet

Width - 2.1 feet

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