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Letstrack basic series is a tracking device suitable for the majority of vehicles. This device comes with ARAI Certification. This monitoring device lets you create your own personal vehicle tracking system. Being a GPS tracker it can be used in the car, bus, cab and many more vehicles. The tracking device for vehicles lets you track your business vehicles in just a second. Use the key features of GPS tracking devices such as time specification, parking alerts, waterproofing and much more all contained in just one device for your safety.

Specification & Device Features.


Connect to your loved ones and track them with Letstrack basic series. It helps you to monitor the location of your loved ones in a short span of time by giving you the most accurate locations. It has a frequency band of 850/900/ to 1800/1900 MHZ which helps you to connect to your GPS tracking devices easily.


Letstrack basic device is exclusively made for cars. It provides battery power back up even when it is unplugged.


Tracking our loved ones was never so easy. Letstrack basic series makes the tracking of our loved ones easy and portable with the help of this vehicle tracking system. This car GPS tracking device helps to track the employees as well as loved ones peacefully in just a solo screen.

Parking Notification

This is a very useful feature and it lets you know your last logged parking locations of your vehicle. With the help of Letstrack basic series, you can track your valuables and loved ones with many more features.

Real Time Tracking

Track your friends, family, employees as well as colleagues with the real-time tracking of Letstrack tracking devices. This feature enables you to track in the present time with exact location instantly.

24 Hour History

Do not have time to track your friends, family, employees as well as colleagues in real-time? Then check all the missed out on just a single screen and never worry about them again.

Zone Alerts

Letstrack tracking app enables you to create zones for tracking your friends, family, employees as well as colleagues. It alerts you every time the concerned person enters/exits the designated area.

Speed Alerts

Set your own speed limits and get alerts whenever it reaches maximum. You can benefit from this feature from the Letstrack tracking app. Get alerts instantly and track all your friends, family, employees as well as colleagues.

Value Screen

See the average value of fuel consumption, average distance travelled, average speed and so much more on this screen. This fantastic feature enables you to save money by seeing key data linked to each vehicle you track.


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